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First radio play for Isaac!

Today, thanks to the amazing Scran rock radio show, Issac was played for you to hear. This is the first time the track has been played before its offical release on the 30/05/2021. We have nothing but respect and huge thanks for the kind words and encouragement, it does make everything worth while.

This is especially true for Isaac which was written at a low point in our lifes. With the recent pandemic and everyone battling their own struggles it was great to know, for us personally, some light come from this. Music really has united us and we are glad that people are enjoying what we have produced.

If You are interested to know more about the band and our song 'Isaac'. We have a band chat recording of us discussing how it was created and what it means to us. Please check out our Youtube channel for More WTS content.

Thank you all again for the continued support.

Be sure to listen to Hard Rock Hell Radio also

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