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Is this the real life?

Another amazing week for us as we managed to get our EP reviewed and tracked its success through Spotify and Bandcamp plays. It has been such an epic journey for us and we cannot be thankful enough for everyone that has listened and given feedback for our tracks.

This week we hit a big milestone, thanks to Hard rock hell radio and the amazing Jim Henderson, we got our EP interview played live! It was great to speak directly about our tracks and answer questions on our inspirations and processes. Jim has continued to be a vital supporter of us and we are forever grateful. If you managed to listen to the full interview live then you will know how epic it was for us, we will look to put it up soon for those who missed it.

Back to business though, we have been trying to source drummers again and we will find ourselves on the cusp of bringing some very happy news for you all. It's a big decision we all want to be certain of but it could mean live shows coming very soon!

Keep listening, keep following as we have some huge plans on the horizon!


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