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"Bring their unique brand of frenetic death metal to the line-up. Despite being a mere two years into their career, this ambitious crew give it their all. The floor is a magnet for charismatic guitarist Steve Sharp, who weaves between revellers as he riffs note-perfectly, while Lazerus embodies the brutal commander, issuing impressive harsh vocals atop jagged riffs." 

- Metal Hammer Magazine

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Worship The Sacrifice is the UK's FIRST 5-piece 'Schizophrenic Death Metal' band.

Equipped with a burning passion for metal music the Worship Cult are a red hot melting pot of decades of metal influence! Their unique Schizophrenic Death Metal style brings a signature combination of dynamic brutal vocal hooks, rich bass, ferocious speed and enduring riffs that bring a sound described as "the melody that holds the chaos together".

With 50+ shows under their belts between 2022 and 2023, including national tours and weekenders, this melo-chaotic act has spanned the UK from Brighton on the south Coast all the way up to Whitehaven in the north and all the cities in between. It's evident these guys are born to perform and aren’t shy to put in the hard work!

Highlights include:

- Cofounding the London Metal Coalition.

- Proud to be the first band to play in the historic Manchester’s Gay Village.

- Played at; London’s Coalition Fest and Derby Alt Fest.

- Opened for; Distant, Harbinger and Existentialist.

- Supported; Tyrants, Foetal Juice, Osiah and Necrotted.



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Behind the Music

The Bloodletting is a story of a  schizophrenic conversation between the patient and it's tormented mind that manifests as the Dark Blood Deity. A dialogue darting between perspectives this song defines what schizophrenic death metal truly is. From brutal and chaotic verses that twist and turn into breaks of waltz-like melody this track takes you on an eerie journey through the mind of the afflicted. Chaos a melody marry together with sinister ease that helps relay the erratic and poetic nature of the darkness in the worlds our minds are capable of making.

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Behind the Music

"SACRIFICE is as much an exploration of historical significance and customs as it is political. It exposes the hypocrisy in sacrifice and the macabre thrust upon the population of our ancestors by a dominant paradigm engaged in Sacrifice for their own grotesque and powerful ends. 
Coupled with epic vocal delivery, groovy riffs and a melodic blanket over the whole piece this song truly engages the listener!"



Behind the Music

Wake Up The World holds a dark message about the greed of humanity and it's poisonous grip on our planet. The music is melodic and yet apocalyptic in it's sombre guitar riffs provided by Steve Sharp. Lazerus interpreted the music and inspired by the obvious imbalance in the world today, used his vocals to dilver the message with pure emotion. Anthemic in the chorus with an urgent tone that really has you thinking about the message being said in the lyrics. the song is well formed in it's structure with brutal elements peppered throughout while the melodic lead holds it all in place. Finished with a serenading of beautiful guitar work and a whisper the ending although soft, echoes loudly when the track fades to silence.

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Behind the Music

The First Cut is our first released EP. Self-produced and self-funded. It was made available on July 26th 2021. We drew upon our collective experience and knowledge of production and we managed to produce this EP under the constraints of a national lockdown. The First Cut showcases our earliest projects that we have written as a band and serves as an appetiser for what we have in store for the future.


The first track off the EP is 'Cut Throat'. A brutal and highly energetic song with violent lyrical content sourced straight from cathartic rage. It can be described as a Mosh-inducing blend of chaotic and sinister riffs, thick bass lines and dynamic vocal styles. This was the first live collaboration that Ben, Dan and Steve worked on together. It really tested the band's ability to write during a lockdown and utilise all the technology available to them. Lazerus was inspired by the name they provided with the scratch and took the literal sense of the term and turned it into violent and rage fuel lyrical content. The emotion behind each dynamic vocal style puts the chaos into order and delivers a ironclad punch to the overall track.

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Track 2. 'Compose and Destroy' was our first ever song. Born out of the darkness of life this is punchy track laced with blackened tone riffs and melodic lead. Dan found himself in a dark place place in life. He faced many trials and some of the hardest trials were internal. After searching through Lazerus' lyric book he noticed the song titled Compose & Destroy and found the words to be fitting of his circumstances. To be composed on the outside and destroying yourself inside, the music translates this well. A classic example of Lazerus' ability to write relatable lyrics inspired by the tragedy of life.


Track 3. 'Isaac' a demonstration of our melodic side. The atmospheric guitar riffs paired with thought provoking lyrics serve as a light in the abyssal dark promoting a more positive message than is typical of our usual material. Steve faced a trialling time in his mind and his emotions and used that moment as inspiration to write with his heart and his soul. Isaac's cinematic and atmospheric tone inspired Lazerus to write a lyrics that are profound and thought provoking. Accompanied by Ben's singing basslines the 3 dimensional expierience of Isaac evokes a feeling in the listener.

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Track 4. 'No Laughing Matter - DEMO' was added as a bonus track to the EP to provide a teaser of the material we have cooking in the lab. A story driven song Inspired by the scary clown pandemic of 2016 and the concept of killer clowns, this song has catchy vocals hooks and a scary, horror themed atmosphere that's really fun to listen to. When Lazerus heard the scary riffs of the No Laughing Matter track, his mind immediately went to killer clowns. From that theme the lyrics were inspired by the clown pandemic as well as playing on the sinister elements of a killer clown and the sort of activites they may have got up to and the thoughts behind their makeup. The story jumps from 3rd to 1st person in a shcitzoid fashion adding to the sinister horror theme of the song.


Picture of Lazerus



Started extreme metal vocals 5 years ago, his growth and development have evolved into a great ability to not only interpret the music of his bandmates and find catchy hooks and tongue-twisting vocal patterns but also to elevate each song to epic proportions. His passion stems from his love of all good music providing him with a broad, eclectic pool of influence. Lazerus has a gift with words and this is evident in his lyrics. Utilising cleverly formed rhymes and half-rhymes with interesting subject matters that flick between fictional stories to thought-provoking and relatable content. The lyrics are often drawn from his own emotions, life experiences and struggles and provide the listener with an opportunity to think, relate and be inspired.

The Sacrifice - Official Video
Worship The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice - Official Video

Join us as we prepare The Sacrifice for release! Our latest single showcases video footage from all our tours last year. We only have one question for you...Will you be my Sacrifice? Managed by: Unearthed Artist Management 'Worship The Sacrifice' Lyric video for 'The Sacrifice' single to be released 14th Feb on all streaming platforms. https://worshipthesacrifice.bandcamp.... Instagram: TikTok: Facebook: Lyrics: The Sacrifice Bring out the sacrifice ( X4) Laid at the altar your death bed On the blood of the thousands who lay dead An offering of piety stained in red Your life is a gift to the gods living in our heads Lay there be still your offering is worthwhile The pain of oblation cannot hurt if you just smile We must banish these lands of the vile The gods may protect us if we offer them the life of your child Its a small price to pay for the sake of this world The deities demand respect through these offerings The blood that flows from you will wash away all of our sins Youve given up your whole life for this day Been the middle-man treated like their slave A gift to the gods that is so depraved The inequality of their authority over your grave The sermons forspeak of this necessary deed The price of your life laid bare at their feet Your soul for their taking a fatal feast The power that resides inside fuels their cruel deceit. Its a small price to pay for the sake of this world The deities demand respect through these offerings The blood that flows from you will wash away all of our sins The sacrifice ( The Sacrifice ) X3 Is your life The sacrifice (X3) The sacrifice is your life



'Worship The Sacrifice bring their unique brand of frenetic death metal to the line-up. Despite being a mere two years into their career, this ambitious crew give it their all. The floor is a magnet for charismatic guitarist Steve Sharp, who weaves between revellers as he riffs note-perfectly, while Lazerus embodies the brutal commander, issuing impressive harsh vocals atop jagged riffs.'

Metal Hammer Magazine

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'They certainly do death metal, but there are both modern and classical influences, a bit of black metal darkness and melodic guitars. Moreover, the vocals sometimes resemble the distorted vocals of deathcore bands with plenty of effects. In short, a lot of death metal and its various subgenres are available in Worship the Sacrifice's arsenal.'

Metal Perver


'Their years of experience and passion for metal music is echoed in each track they produce. A melting pot of decades of metal influence has coalesced into the sounds you hear. A combination of crushing riffs, driving bass and brutal vocal hooks, each song will have you banging your head and asking for more!'

Jim - HRH Radio

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'Coalville Metal Invasion - 2022'
Worship the Sacrifice brought one of the heaviest sets of the weekend with half an hour of their crushingly heavy schizophrenic death metal. For a band formed under a year ago, this was powerful stuff.

The Razors Edge

Photo of Jim Henderson

Worship The Sacrifice have everything in place to relaise their potential as an A-List heavy metal band. Truly a 'Golden Nugget' in the pit of what is a 'metal quagmire'. ... epic vocal delivery, groovy riffs and a melodic blanket over the whole piece... truly engages the listener and demonstrates the mastery of Worship The Sacrifice who are at the start of something mammoth.

Jim Henderson - Voodoo Radio Online

The Bloodletting single artwork

Bloodletting, as a practice, was the way of getting demons out of a sick person's blood, ultimately a practice that we look back on now and question who the real madmen really were. Clearly, WTS are here to tell us that it is them, and with tracks like this they plan to be the Bogeyman in our nightmares for years to come.

C. H. Indigo - Independent reviewer


Steve: 07927109381 | Laz: 07540074204

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